Welcome to Gurukul International School

Welcome to Gurukul International School

Gurukul is a mini india.children come from atleast different religions backgrounds and as many mother tongues.it is a multilingual,multicultural environment where they all feel important and we work hard to build it into a harmonious whole.

the gurukul culture of being punctual,honest,responsible.patriotic & dedicated is imbibed by everyone in several ways.

Our Salient Features:

  • 1. Fun is given priority over attiquties and manners.
  • 2. Curosity is given priority over information.
  • 3. There is learning instead of teaching.
  • 4. There is only encouragement and no competitions.
  • 5. Understanding is given priority over exams.
  • 6. Children are loved and cared not compared or ignored.
  • 7. Emphasis is given to kits liking as against compulsions.



Near ShantaRam Dhaba,

Behind Kalp City

Katrap Pada,Badlapur(E)